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Our Restroom Stalls

Let's delve into the art of repurposing treasures from the past. Our spotlight today is on doors! Remember our last session where we highlighted the bar face crafted from doors salvaged from an 1800s mansion set for demolition in Richmond, VA? Well, today, we're shifting our focus to our restroom stalls.

If you've stepped into our restroom, you've likely noticed the unique stalls. Each one is crafted from reclaimed doors found right here at the Tavern. These doors hold stories, some dating back to the Tavern's original construction. They're all made of solid pine, sourced from both interior and exterior settings. To preserve their character, we've sealed them with polyurethane, retaining the layers of paint accrued over the years.

Our bathroom stalls stand as a testament to the care and attention we've poured into every detail of the Tavern. So, next time you visit, take a moment to appreciate these relics of the past. We hope you're relishing our History articles as much as we relish sharing them. Stay tuned for more Tavern History, and in the meantime, swing by to admire these wonderful pieces firsthand!

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