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Explore the rich history - A journey through time

Discover the rich history of Virginia's oldest tavern, now fully renovated and ready for you to explore. Immerse yourself in the charm and character of this historic landmark, and experience the unique atmosphere that has been enjoyed by visitors for centuries. Come and discover the stories and traditions that have made this tavern a beloved part of Virginia's heritage.


From Humble Beginnings... 

Welcome to the oldest tavern in Virginia! Our rich history dates back to 1710 when the right side of our dining room was first built. Two years later, in 1712, the left side of our dining room was added on. Between 1718 and 1758, the bar was added, making our tavern a true historic landmark.

If you're curious about the history of our building, we're happy to share that it's over 300 years old. Many of the original features have been preserved, including the floors in our dining room, windows, ceilings, and fireplaces. We've also added some unique touches, like using 150-year-old walls from an old hardware store in Warsaw, VA for the floors in our bar area, and 125-year-old church pews from Newport, VA for seating. Our bar is made from 300-year-old walnut from Oakalona in Occupacia, VA. 

1710 Tavern has a rich history, having served as many different things throughout the years including a private residence for a pharmacist and a tavern on and off. It is the oldest tavern in the area, predating all roads. Originally located on the main port, it was the perfect stop for travelers. The tavern was an "ordinary," which meant it was both a tavern and an inn. Guests could get food and drinks for money or trade tobacco. three small rooms upstairs could house up to five people each, and guests were locked in at night to prevent theft. A ladder outside the windows provided an escape route in case of fire. Come immerse yourself in the history this amazing building holds. Let us take you on a journey through time. 

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