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Our Host Stand 

Welcome back to another installment of Tavern History, where we dive into the tales that linger within these walls. Our spotlight shines on the intriguing story of our 'hostess stand'. In the early days of our establishment, as we prepared for our grand opening, we scoured local auctions in search of the perfect piece to grace this spot. Discovering it at one such auction, we felt it was the ideal fit for the space. However, it wasn't until one of our earliest patrons expressed surprise at its use as a hostess stand that we learned of its true origins.

Our hostess stand is, in fact, a sugar-safe dating back to the 1700s. These safes were originally employed to safeguard sugar, spirits, and precious items, securing them away from the prying hands of servants and would-be thieves. It was a revelation to us, thanks to the insight of our thoughtful customer, that we possessed such a remarkable piece of history.

If you have any tales, photographs, or memories to share, we invite you to reach out. Our tavern is rich with history, and we're eager to uncover every chapter. That concludes today's Tavern History. Stay tuned for more captivating stories from our past, and be sure to drop by to catch a glimpse of our intriguing sugar-safe!

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