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Our Horseshoe

Welcome back to another Tavern History! We're diving into the history of horses at our tavern. A few weeks ago, we shared a menu from the 1700s that included horse pasturage for travelers staying at the ordinary. Guests could pay for this service with either tobacco or sterling currency (pounds-shillings-pence).

You might wonder where the pasture and stable were located. During the excavation for the kitchen foundation, we discovered what we believe was the stable area, evidenced by the animal waste smell in the soil. This is also where we found several horseshoes, including the one you can see displayed.

Back when the 1710 Tavern operated as an ordinary, providing both horse pasturage and lodging for travelers, our current DAW theater, radio station, and Mums & Bubs strip didn't exist. Instead, a meadow stretched next to the stable, offering a perfect area for horses to roam. Given that horses were the main mode of transportation aside from walking, they were crucial for travelers of that era.

We're thrilled to have uncovered these old horseshoes and pieces of our Tavern’s history during our renovation. That's all for today's Tavern History. Stay tuned for more fascinating history!

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