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Our Roman Numerals on our Beams

Tavern History: The Story Behind Our Ceiling Beams

Welcome back to another Tavern History, where we delve into the rich past of our cherished Tavern. We’re shining a spotlight on our ceiling beams, integral to our Tavern's structure.

Take a moment to look up when you enter our bar—you might notice Roman numerals etched into the beams. These numerals played a crucial role in the 1700s when our Tavern was constructed. Building methods were quite different back then, with no machinery to assist, making the process much more arduous.

Originally, the beams you see in the ceiling were assembled on the ground. Each beam was meticulously crafted to fit its specific place, a process known as mating. To ensure correct placement, the beams were marked with Roman numerals, indicating their exact positions. This system made the construction more straightforward and safer for the builders, who relied solely on ladders and manual labor.

When our current owners purchased the Tavern, the Roman numerals were hidden, facing the underside of the upstairs floor. During the Tavern's restoration, a deteriorated beam between the bar and dining room was replaced, revealing the Roman numerals. Our owners decided to reorient these beams, allowing everyone to see this fascinating piece of history.

That's it for this week's Tavern History! We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our Tavern’s past. Stay tuned for more historical insights. In the meantime, stop by, look up as you enter our bar, and see if you can spot the Roman numerals!

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