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Our Windows

We're showcasing the remarkable windows at the Tavern. These windows are truly special as they are all original, dating back 300 years. They've undergone meticulous restoration, preserving their authentic charm with the use of original glass, known as crown glass.

Originating in England in 1674, crown glass remained in vogue until the 1830s. Crafted through a process of blowing the glass into a bubble, piercing it with a rod, and then spinning it into a disk, crown glass offered superior clarity compared to its predecessors. Despite its refinement, it still retained a subtle ripple effect.

During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, crown glass coexisted with cylinder glass. However, advancements led to the decline of crown glass production, eventually losing the technique altogether. Today, cylinder glass is the closest approximation to crown glass due to its complex manufacturing process.

Our windows boast the distinct character of crown glass, evident in the captivating patterns when peering through them. Even the windows upstairs retain their original glass. In instances where panes were missing upon purchase, we ingeniously utilized glass panes from replaced windows at the bar, which were substituted with mirrors.

The meticulous restoration work was expertly carried out by Dixon Kerr of Old House Authority LLC, ensuring the preservation of our historic windows' authenticity.

Next time you look through these windows we hope you not only notice the unique figuring, but you stop and think about all the wonderful things these exact windows have seen! Stay tuned for more history and remember to contact Old House Authority LLC for all your window restoration needs!

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