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Our Fireplace Crane

Join us as we dive back into the fascinating world of fireplace wonders. Let's shine a spotlight on the indispensable swinging iron piece known as the Fireplace crane.

300 years ago, this ingenious contraption was a cornerstone of the tavern's kitchen, revolutionizing cooking with its efficiency and safety features. Not only did it grant easier access for adding ingredients and stirring the pot, but it also allowed precise temperature control by adjusting the pot's proximity to the fire.

Our own Fireplace crane, while not original to our establishment, carries a rich history. Generously gifted to us by Randy and Betsy Shuford, it was discovered during the restoration of a family barn. Thanks to the skilled hands of Coastal Ironworks in Tappahannock, it has been lovingly restored to its former glory.

Though we no longer use it for culinary purposes, its presence adds a touch of authenticity to our tavern. Just imagine the savory aromas and hearty meals cooked over open flames centuries ago!

Stay tuned for more captivating history tidbits from the Tavern, and if you ever need exceptional ironwork, remember Coastal Ironworks in Tappahannock has you covered.

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