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Our Frozen Charlotte Doll

Welcome back to another installment of Tavern History! We're unveiling an authentic menu from the Tavern's archives. This menu is handwritten and preserved through time as you can read at the top: ‘At a court hold for Essex County of Tappahannock on a day of March in 1731’. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the offerings of the era, featuring English cider by the quart bottle, wine by the quart bottle, various dishes served hot, cold, or for a servant, a night's lodging, and horse pasturage for 24 hours.

The pricing is presented in two different ways, such as "0.1.3" or "12 1/2", reflecting the currency conventions of the time. This was in the amount of tobacco or sterling currency (pounds-shillings-pence). Justices are listed at the top of the menu, followed by the items available for order. Orders are noted at the bottom, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

This menu hails from a time when the Tavern served as an ordinary which was a Tavern and an Inn, explaining the inclusion of drinks, food, lodging, and accommodations for travelers' horses. We owe our gratitude to Wes Pippenger for his invaluable assistance in uncovering this historical document and many other historical insights, enriching our understanding of both the Tavern and Tappahannock's past.

We hope you've enjoyed this journey into Tavern History! If you're able to decipher the menu, we invite you to share your observations in the comments below. Stay tuned for more historical insights, and don't forget to visit us in person to experience the history firsthand!

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