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Our Dormers

Welcome back to another Tavern History, where we unveil the intriguing stories of our beloved Tavern's past lives. Today, our focus turns to the remarkable dormers adorning our roof. These vertical windows projecting from the sloping roof, commonly illuminating bedrooms, derive their name from the Latin "dormitorium," meaning "sleeping room."

Our Tavern boasts three dormers aligned on its roof, each of the gabled variety, featuring a pitched roof with two sloped planes supported by a vertical frame, resembling a traditional dog house. Originally, there should have been five dormers, each corresponding to a window or door. However, due to the Tavern's history, only three were constructed.

When the Tavern was initially built, it offered only three sleeping rooms upstairs for guests. Each dormer served as a source of natural light for these rooms. Interestingly, these very dormers also served a dual purpose. In addition to providing light, they also served as escape routes for guests in case of emergencies.

So, the next time you visit us at the Tavern, take a moment to ponder these fascinating tidbits of history we've shared. Stay tuned for more captivating Tavern History!

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