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Our Bar Barrels

Welcome back to another edition of Tavern History! We're shining a spotlight on the unique barrels adorning the bar area of our beloved Tavern. Each of these barrels has its own story, sourced from different corners of the East Coast and lovingly repurposed to add to the charm of our establishment.

Let's start with the barrels above the bar. The two larger ones on either end hail from Indian Banks, originally intended for a winery that never came to fruition over 30 years ago. Fortunately, they found a new home here after being discovered in a barn. The smaller barrel in the middle has its own tale, once holding moonshine and discovered in the attic of Berry Hill in Tappahannock.

Moving to the floor, the substantial barrels were generously gifted to us by a Rotary friend coming from New Jersey. Each of these barrels holds a rich history and now serves as a distinctive piece of our Tavern's ambiance.

We take pride in breathing new life into these treasures, much like the Tavern itself. We hope you enjoy learning about the special items that contribute to the unique character of our establishment. Stay tuned for more Tavern History, and in the meantime, why not stop by to see these relics for yourself?

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