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Our Bar

We're putting the spotlight on our beloved bar! Our bar is a true work of art, boasting a uniquely sourced top, a restored face, and a repurposed foot rail.

Let's start with the bar's top – a stunning live-edge black walnut piece. This exceptional wood was salvaged from Oakalona in Occupacia, Va, after a powerful storm felled a magnificent tree. Dating back approximately 250 years, it's almost as old as the Tavern itself. Crafting this remarkable piece required the expertise of Fitz Cabinetry in Tappahannock, who skillfully shaped the oversized wood that couldn't fit through a planer.

Moving on to the bar's face, we've breathed new life into doors from an 1800s mansion in Richmond, Va. Saved from demolition, these historic doors found a perfect new home, adding a touch of grandeur to our bar.

And let's not forget the foot rail – another gem with its own story. Originally part of a cemetery fence rail in Maryland, it found its way to us after being lovingly restored and preserved at Indian Banks in Farnham, Va.

Each element of our bar holds a piece of history, and we're thrilled to share these stories with you. The Tavern is a testament to the beauty of restoration and repurposing, and we're grateful for every detail that contributes to its unique charm.

Next time you visit the Tavern, take a moment to admire our bar with fresh eyes and appreciate the craftsmanship and care behind these timeless pieces. Until next time, stay tuned for more Tavern History, and for all your cabinetry needs, don't forget to visit Fitz in Tappahannock!

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