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Building History


Step Back in Time at 1710 Tavern!

Dive into the rich history of 1710 Tavern, Virginia's oldest tavern, where every corner whispers tales from centuries past. Our journey through time begins in 1710 when the right side of our dining room was first built, a testament to the enduring charm of colonial architecture.

Fast forward to 1712, and the left side of our dining room joined the narrative, creating a seamless blend of history and hospitality. Wander through the heart of our establishment, and you'll find the bar, an exquisite addition built between the years 1718-1758, where patrons have gathered for centuries to share stories over a drink.

As you savor the culinary delights within our walls, take a moment to marvel at the authenticity that surrounds you. The windows, dining room floors, fireplaces, ceilings, and the mesmerizing middle light fixture in our dining room are all original, standing tall after 300 remarkable years.

Make your way to the bar, where the floor itself tells a tale of resilience. Crafted from the walls of the old Warsaw Hardware Store, these 150-year-old planks bear witness to the changing tides of time.

Our dining room invites you to gather in pews that once graced a church in Newport, Virginia, offering a unique blend of sacred and savory that spans 125 years. Each seat carries a piece of history, connecting you to the stories of those who came before.

And finally, let the bar be a beacon of tradition. Crafted from the magnificent walnut of Oakalona in Occupacia, VA, this 300-year-old centerpiece stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of craftsmanship and dedication.

Join us at 1710 Tavern, where every meal is a journey through time, and every moment is steeped in the history of Virginia's oldest tavern.

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