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Our Floors

If only these floors could talk! We’re all about these floors. Aren’t they spectacular? Our dining room has the original, 300-year-old, Heart Pine floors in it. The middle section you see in the second picture was restored using extra flooring found in the Tavern. The 150-year-old flooring in our bar is the walls from the old hardware store in Warsaw. Finally, the floors in front of the restrooms are brand new. As you look through these pictures you can see the differences between the ages of these floors. All our flooring is pine, however, our dining room is heart pine which refers to the heartwood of the pine, the non-living center of the tree. Heart pine has a very prominent grain structure making it stronger and more stable. The highest quality of heart pine is often the oldest, which hints at why our floors are so wonderful. Sadly these astonishingly large pines aren’t plentiful anymore making the heart pine these floors were made from increasingly rare. Through the pictures, you can see our floors needed a new life when we first started our renovation. Thanks to the spectacular Carson Flooring, they got the attention they needed! Carson Flooring did all the floors in the Tavern and handled this 300-year-old flooring with care! They are absolutely amazing at giving your floors a new life! For all your flooring needs call or visit Carson Flooring in Tappahannock and enjoy the wonderful individuals that can take your home and make it new! 

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