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Our Fireplaces

We're unveiling the enchanting tales behind the heart of our Tavern – the original fireplaces that once warmed this cherished space!

Meet the stars of the show – the dining room's two notorious fireplaces. They underwent a meticulous renovation, thanks to the expertise of Olde Town Chimney Sweeps. These historic hearths now boast modern stainless steel relines, with intriguing stories hiding within their chimneys.

On the right, gazing into the dining room, one chimney revealed the sky above when looked up, while its counterpart on the left harbored a surprising 40lbs of acorns and debris – a hidden treasure uncovered during restoration.

Due to their grandeur, these fireplaces are ignited only when the temperature dips below 45°, ensuring a smooth draw and minimizing smoke in the Tavern.

Venturing further, discover the bar's teal-colored mantle embracing an electric fireplace, a masterful conversion of an original dating back to the early 1700s. Witness the craftsmanship as the mantle, believed to be from the early 1700s, was delicately cut during renovation to make way for new flooring.

Ascend to the office, once a guest room, to encounter yet another original fireplace restored and converted into an electric marvel. For a glimpse of history untouched, explore the untouched fireplace found upstairs during the Tavern's renovation.

Next time you join us, cast a fresh gaze upon these captivating fireplaces, guardians of the Tavern's rich history. For all your chimney needs, trust Olde Town Chimney Sweeps, and stay tuned for more tales from the 1710 Tavern. 

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